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    Brand new 4-week comprehensive training course on public speaking with compelling storytelling. Once you enroll, video lessons release each day for four weeks. You also gain lifetime access to the course so you can go through it at your own pace. Pres takes you on a deep-dive into:

    • how to approach the key storytelling elements. (Day #1) Pres equips you with the winning mindset behind compelling storytelling.
    • how to find good stories. (Day #2) With these powerful strategies, you’ll never lack stories to tell. Ever!
    • how to unify your story so you can make it easy for your audience to follow, enjoy, and remember. (Day #3)
    • how to paint your setting so you can instantly transport your audience into your story. (Day #4)
    • how to uncover conflict so you can keep your audience on the edge of their seats. (Day #5)
    • how to use the key character types so you can make your story compelling. (Day #6)
    • how to use the key character roles so you can immerse your audience into your story. (Day #7)
    • how to structure your story. (Day #8) You gain a powerful step-by-step method so you can easily send your audience on a journey they’ll always remember.
    • how to outline your story. (Day #9) With these simple tactics, you can quickly order the “building blocks” of your story in the most compelling way.
    • how to script your story. (Day# 10) You learn how to use the most compelling types of words so you can script a killer story.
    • how to enchant the ear of your audience. (Day# 11) You discover the most powerful secrets of the greatest wordsmiths in history so you can make your speech irresistible.
    • how to dazzle your audience with your dialogue. (Day# 12) With this skill, you’ll hold your audience in the palm of your hand every time you speak.
    • how to craft compelling characters so you can delight your audience. (Day# 13) You discover the fatal mistake that can quickly alienate your audience and learn the simple way to avoid it. When Pres fixed that fatal mistake, he turned a losing speech into a World Championship winner!
    • how to reveal character so your audience gets to care about your characters. (Day# 14) You learn how to quickly transform your audience from passive observers to active participants.
    • how to show your transformation so you can inspire your audience. (Day #15)
    • how to evoke emotions in your audience. (Day #16) You learn how to create an “emotional rollercoaster” your audience will remember forever.
    • how to use the power emotions so you can surpass all expectations. (Day #17)
    • how to make your audience laugh. (Day #18) You gain a treasure chest of humor tools so you can get your audience rolling in the aisles.
    • how to clarify the point of your story. (Day #19) You learn how to find, refine, and drive your point home so your audience always remembers your message.
    • how to tap into the power of metaphors so you can burn unforgettable images in the mind of your audience. (Day #20)
    • how to sell your point well. (Day #21) You learn how to use the most powerful principles of persuasion so you can influence your audience every single time.
    • how to unleash the power of your voice. (Day #22) You learn the top vocal tactics so you can captivate your audience.
    • how to master the ART of pausing. (Day #23) You learn the most powerful ways to pause so you can make the greatest impact.
    • how to use the stage to engage. (Day $24) You discover the secret psychology of staging and add a whole new dimension to your delivery.
    • how to use your posture to bring your story to life. (Day #25)
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    You learn the most compelling gestures you can use. Pres shows you live examples of what these gestures convey, when to use them, and when to avoid them. With these incredibly powerful tactics, your hands will exert an almost magical effect on your audience.
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    You learn the most compelling ways to use your face. Pres teaches you the most powerful facial expressions and shows you specifically when to use them. You also discover how to unleash the electrifying power of your eyes so you can quickly deepen your audience connection.
    (Value $197)

    You discover how to use patterns to remember your lines, strengthen your story, and wow your audience. When you weave these powerful patterns into your story, you’ll make your storytelling much more enjoyable for both you and your audience.
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    For each video lesson in the program, you get your complete set of PDF workbook action guides. You get specific action steps so you can easily apply the winning strategies. Here you also find the full script of the speech Pres used to win the World Championship of Public Speaking. You see its word choice, sentence structure, and phrase breakdown so you can use it as a guide to craft your own winning speech.

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