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Pres Vasilev is the 2013 World Champion of Public Speaking and author of the popular training program “How to Master Compelling Storytelling”

Pres-Vasilev-2013-World-Champion-of-Public-SpeakingWhen he was a small boy back in Bulgaria, Pres Vasilev read a book that sparked his dream to come to America.

In 2002, his dream came true. Pres came alone, but he brought big goals, bold dreams, and a sexy accent.

Yes, the first question he faced was always, “Where’re you from?” He struggled with English, but sharing his story helped him win friends fast and quickly cope with the culture shock.

Three years later, Pres Vasilev was due for another adventure. He took the job that changed his life – selling children’s books door to door.

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From house to house, Pres pedaled his bike and peddled his books. When people asked him, “Where’re you from?” Pres told them his story.

Swayed by the power of books to spark dreams, many became his customers, turning Pres Vasilev into a top producer. His adventure in door-to-door sales led Pres Vasilev to the world of inside sales. He spent the next ten years selling, managing, training.

Pres also dedicated himself to personal development. For more than a decade, he has studied, researched, written, and spoken on self-improvement, speechwriting, speaking, selling, and storytelling.

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After many speech contests, Pres Vasilev rose above 30,000 contestants from 122 countries to become the 2013 World Champion of Public Speaking. Pres-Vasilev-Sales-Keynote-Speaker Since then, Pres has coached hundreds of people from around the world to deliver compelling presentations and win speech contests.

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Pres Vasilev speaks to corporate and public audiences on the subject of Successful Selling with Storytelling™. He combines his insights from the sales trenches with his storytelling expertise to equip his global audiences with practical strategies for instant influence and sales success.

His professional sales training program equips sales teams with strategic storytelling skills so they can connect with prospects better, convert them to customers faster, and close more sales.

Pres-Vasilev-and-SaraPres Vasilev speaks four languages and loves traveling around the world. He lives in Chicago and when he is not speaking, training or coaching, he practices his listening skills with his wife, Sara.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Before working with Pres Vasilev, I had competed for seven and a half years in public speaking competitions, trying to achieve my dream of reaching the Finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking. I was met with frustration and couldn’t break through.

All that changed when I started working with Pres. He was easy to work with and helped me craft a story and a message that resonated not only with who I was but also with a universal audience.

By working with Pres, I reached the Finals both in 2015 and in 2018. Being on that world stage was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life. It helped me increase my influence with my peers, open up my own public speaking company, and land my first TEDx Talk.

If you’re looking for a speech coach, I highly recommend that you hire Pres.”

Eric Feinendegen, Two-time World Championship of Public Speaking Finalist

Pres Vasilev taught me how to be a wordsmith, how to keep only elements that reinforce my main message, how to always write for the ear. His simple approach made it easy for me to follow and grow rapidly as a speaker.

As a result, I clinched a spot in the top 10 speakers of the World Championship of Public Speaking!

If you want to rapidly improve your public speaking skills, hire Pres Vasilev!

Wiwiek Najihah, 2018 World Championship of Public Speaking Finalist

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