World Champion Speaker

Pres Vasilev is the 2013 World Champion of Public Speaking. He is the author of the popular training program “How to Master Compelling Storytelling.” For more than a decade, Pres has studied, researched, written, and spoken on self-improvement, speaking, storytelling, and selling.

With more than ten years of sales experience in both door-to-door and inside sales, Pres Vasilev combines his insights from the sales trenches with his storytelling expertise to equip his global audiences with practical strategies for instant influence and sales success. Pres always customizes his content to the specific needs of his audience.

“Thank you so much for presenting at our Believe It and Achieve It! Conference. The conference committee especially appreciates the fact that you tailored your keynote and educational messages to fit our educational theme.”

Angela Mullin, Training Specialist, Caterpillar

Successful Selling with Storytelling

Connect Better, Convert Faster, and Close More Sales

Hectic pace. Low trust. High competition. While sales reps around the world are struggling, frustrated sales leaders are wondering, “Can we engage our busy prospects better? Can we boost our sales faster?”

Pres Vasilev says, “Yes! New breakthroughs in neuroscience confirm what top salespeople have always known – storytelling is the ultimate sales skill. More than ever, the secret to success in the sales trenches today is the strategic use of well-timed, well-told stories.”

With his most popular keynote and seminar program, Successful Selling with Storytelling™, Pres Vasilev equips his audiences with vital skills for sales success. You walk away from his program with practical strategies you can apply right away to connect with your busy prospects better, convert them to customers faster, and close more sales.

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What You Will Learn

  • Understand the six story powers for sales success

  • Discover the elements of a compelling sales story

  • Employ the type of story that connects the best

  • Keep yourself motivated with the right story

  • Maximize your ultimate sales skill

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Extra Services at No Extra Charge

As part of his commitment to complete client satisfaction, Pres Vasilev provides his speaking clients with the following free services:

  • Complete pre-program questionnaire to help Pres customize his keynote or seminar to the specific client needs.

  • In-depth discussion with his client to agree on the material needed to be covered in his keynote or seminar.

  • Customized pre-program video of Pres Vasilev discussing the keynote or seminar to help his client promote the event.

  • Pres’s Successful Selling with Storytelling™ workbook to be reproduced by his client for each program participant.

  • If Pres’s travel schedule permits, breakfast, lunch or dinner with his client.

Book Pres to Speak and WOW Your Audience!

What People Say About Pres

“Pres Vasilev is adept at composing and presenting speeches targeted specifically for an audience, delivering maximum impact. Pres’s keynotes, workshops, and breakout sessions have always received positive feedback because his audiences take away practical ideas they can use immediately in their personal and professional lives.

Pres Vasilev has helped many, including yours truly, improve their professional presentations. I can personally guarantee, by selecting Pres as your Keynoter, you will have made the right decision.”

Rudy Segovia, Sales Trainer and Motivational Speaker


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