Empower Your Sales Team
with the Power of Storytelling

“A new generation of storytellers has emerged and Pres Vasilev leads the pack. His ability to outline, break down, and enhance each aspect of the story-sharing process is nothing short of brilliant. Pres focuses his talents on empowering his clients to become masterful storytellers in their own right and his proven process has brought success to our organization’s members since first hearing him.”

Iqbal Atcha, Talent Acquisitions and Professional Relations, Walmart

Successful Selling with Storytelling

Connect Better, Convert Faster, and Close More Sales

Pres Vasilev Corporate Sales Training

Hectic pace. Low trust. High competition. If your sales reps are struggling today, you are not alone. Around the world frustrated sales leaders are wondering, “Can we engage our busy prospects better? Can we boost our sales faster?”

Pres Vasilev says, “Yes! New breakthroughs in neuroscience confirm what top salespeople have always known – storytelling is the ultimate sales skill. More than ever, the secret to success in the sales trenches today is the strategic use of well-timed, well-told stories.”

Pres Vasilev Corporate Sales Training

Pres Vasilev’s Successful Selling with Storytelling™ is a professional sales training program designed to smoothly integrate strategic storytelling skills into your sales process. As a leader who cares about the success of your team, you will discover that these proven strategies help your reps connect better, convert faster, and close more sales.

You may ask, “What if I train my sales reps and they leave?” A valid concern. Now, what if you don’t train them and they stay? In the uncertain times ahead, there is something certain – your team will win only if they have the winning skills. And the time to equip them with the winning skills is now. Call Pres Vasilev today!

Hire Pres and Improve Your Sales Team!

What Your Sales Team Will Learn

Pres Vasilev Corporate Sales Training

Your sales team will learn how to use strategic storytelling to:

  • Build trust with your customers faster

  • Uncover your customer needs easier

  • Convey the value of your offer with greater impact

  • Overcome buyer resistance smarter

  • Close more sales quicker

Hire Pres and Improve Your Sales Team!

Training Details

Pres Vasilev Corporate Sales Training

This practical, insightful, and highly interactive training program will:

  • Clarify your company story and show you how to use it as a sales tool.

  • Train your sales leaders to be effective storytelling coaches.

  • Facilitate a half-day or a full-day training workshop for your sales team.

  • Equip each program participant with the Successful Selling with Storytelling™ workbook.

  • Provide a 6-month Reinforcement Program to smoothly integrate strategic storytelling into your sales process.

Hire Pres and Improve Your Sales Team!

Meet Your Trainer

Pres Vasilev has more than ten years of sales experience in both door-to-door and inside sales.  Pres has trained dozens of sales reps to build fruitful business relationships, negotiate effectively, and deliver compelling sales presentations.


For more than a decade, Pres has studied, researched, written, and spoken on self-improvement, speaking, storytelling, and selling.  Pres Vasilev is the 2013 World Champion of Public Speaking and the author of the popular training program
“How to Master Compelling Storytelling.”

Pres Vasilev Corporate Sales Training

Pres Vasilev combines his insights from the sales trenches with his storytelling expertise to equip your sales team with strategic storytelling skills so they can connect with your prospects better, convert them to customers faster, and close more sales.

Hire Pres and Improve Your Sales Team!

What People Say About Pres

“From Aristotle to Hitchcock and Schopenhauer to Chekhov, Pres Vasilev delivers wisdom gleaned from a broad and deep study of disparate sources to deliver a focused vision of potent storytelling. I had expected to just pick up a few tips to add to my repertoire, but instead walked away with new foundational techniques to increase the impact and retention of my message.

An omnivorous student of speechcraft and selling, Pres delivers a solid development plan for crafting your story and selling your message. If you want to be inspired to become the hero of your story and improve the immediacy and intimacy of your connection to your audience, I encourage you to participate in one of Pres’s dynamic workshops.”

Stephanie Kowalyk, Analyst, PSP Peugeot


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