“If you want to bring your speaking and storytelling skills to the next level, Pres Vasilev is the first and last place you need to look. He has mastered the craft of speaking and did a fantastic job at our Leadership Institute. Pres did live coaching on stage and created breakthroughs for each and every person who participated, including the audience.”

Ellen Schnur, President, ImprovTalk

“A new generation of storytellers has emerged and Pres Vasilev leads the pack. His ability to outline, break down, and enhance each aspect of the story-sharing process is nothing short of brilliant. Pres focuses his talents on empowering his clients to become masterful storytellers in their own right and his proven process has brought success to our organization’s members since first hearing him.”

Iqbal Atcha, Talent Acquisitions and Professional Relations, Walmart

Book Pres to Speak and WOW Your Audience!

“Pres Vasilev is adept at composing and presenting speeches targeted specifically for an audience, delivering maximum impact. Pres’s keynotes, workshops, and breakout sessions have always received positive feedback because his audiences take away practical ideas they can use immediately in their personal and professional lives.

Pres Vasilev has helped many, including yours truly, improve their professional presentations. I can personally guarantee, by selecting Pres as your Keynoter, you will have made the right decision.”

Rudy Segovia, Sales Trainer and Motivational Speaker

“Thank you so much for presenting at our Believe It and Achieve It! Conference. The conference committee especially appreciates the fact that you tailored your keynote and educational messages to fit our educational theme.”

Angela Mullin, Training Specialist, Caterpillar

Book Pres to Speak and WOW Your Audience!

“From Aristotle to Hitchcock and Schopenhauer to Chekhov, Pres Vasilev delivers wisdom gleaned from a broad and deep study of disparate sources to deliver a focused vision of potent storytelling. I had expected to just pick up a few tips to add to my repertoire, but instead walked away with new foundational techniques to increase the impact and retention of my message.

An omnivorous student of speechcraft and selling, Pres delivers a solid development plan for crafting your story and selling your message. If you want to be inspired to become the hero of your story and improve the immediacy and intimacy of your connection to your audience, I encourage you to participate in one of Pres’s dynamic workshops.”

Stephanie Kowalyk, Analyst, PSP Peugeot

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“Pres is a master of his craft – possessing deep expertise and tremendous insight. If you’re looking to develop and hone a high-quality presentation, I recommend him wholeheartedly.”

Simon Bucknall, 2017 World Championship of Public Speaking 2nd Place Winner

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“Pres Vasilev is a great Speech Coach!  With his precious help, I became the 2017 Western Europe Champion of Public Speaking and placed in the top 30 speakers in the World.  He helped me transform a normal speech into a speech full of meaning, emotional expression and power.  I recommend Pres 100%!!!”

Ricardo Cabete, 2017 Western Europe Champion of Public Speaking

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“When I qualified for the Semifinals of the World Championship of Public Speaking, I knew I needed to reach out to the best speaking coaches in the world to prepare for the contest and deliver the speech of my life. As an engineer, technical leader, and a former boxer, I knew I needed someone who’s been there and done that.

That is how I got introduced to Pres Vasilev. From the first second, Pres started giving me his best advice regarding content, speech delivery and resources I needed to study. His coaching style is very humble, yet detail-oriented and ambitious. As I got to know Pres’s preparation process, I really felt that I am growing. I especially liked that he not only gave me suggestions but also explained very carefully the “why”.

Thanks to Pres Vasilev, I won the 3rd place in the Semifinals of the World Championship of Public Speaking. As a result, I became a Chief Operating Officer, and I firmly believe that my improved communication skills were key for this. I got confirmation that if you work with the best, you will become one of them.”

László Szűcs, Chief Operating Officer, Nord Group

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“The art of speaking cannot be mastered without first learning to listen. Listening to Pres Vasilev’s feedback has been immensely helpful in my speech writing and refining. Pres is a wordsmith who believes less is more. He helped me whittle a wordy and scattered speech into one which was streamlined and consistent. His simplicity of message and verbiage is an asset I’d recommend to any speaker wanting to communicate at the highest levels.”

Kevin Stamper, 2017 World Championship of Public Speaking 3rd Place Winner

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“Pres Vasilev’s Storytelling program will not only help you out to craft your story for speaking engagement but also help you to find your purposeful message.
Pres is a great person and motivator. If you want to have an excellent presentation or you need help in creating a speech for either Toastmasters, TED talk or any other public speaking occasions, Pres is the right guy for you. He is the Champion!”

Dragoljub Gudovic, Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer

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“I took on a speaking engagement that offered me an opportunity to reach a unique audience with a critical message that had to be delivered thoughtfully. I hired Pres Vasilev to help me. He was easy to work with, and we had fun breaking down my message into the critical components that we build upon for the final presentation. Pres helped me maximize my impact with every element of an effective presentation: word selection, sentence structure, storytelling, slide imagery, delivery, and much more.

After working with Pres Vasilev, I felt much more confident about the content and delivery of my presentation. And based on comments and feedback after the presentation, I know Pres helped me deliver a much more compelling message than had I not called on his expertise.

I am delighted to call Pres Vasilev my storytelling coach and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to perfect his or her effectiveness in front of an audience.”

Jack McLaughlin, Account Executive, Apple

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